Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ex-Mobile Assembler Developer. Global Block Chain Institute Representative. Founder of FinTech Association Singapore, ex-Accenture and Credit Suisse, Judge for Blockchain Hackathons, Startupbootcamp, CEM Awards judge

Chief Information Officer

EX-Mobility Head at Accenture. AR, VR and Mobile expert working with Fortune 500 companies. 22 years of international mobile solution and delivery experience

Chief Data Protection Officer

ex-Accenture Security practise lead. Security and Cryptography degree holder. International experience Europe and Asia. Broad industry experience, Financial Services, Teleco, Government, Health

Token Education and Platform – Americas

Experienced token investor, educator, course creator and advisor to multiple successful token launches. Leads SignKeys cryptocurrency platform capabilities that include Education Services, Advisory, Turn Key platform, from strategy to execution.

Blockchain Expert

Blockchain solution architect specializing in asset exchanges, atomic swap, game engines, staking, token-issuing/distribution-contracts, and blockchain-to-blockchain integration.

Head of Mobile Engineering

The head engineering for SignKeys B2C main product, SignKeys Secure Wallet. Has 10 years of software development experience and founded NAXAM, a Microsoft-certified software house specializing in mobile app development.

Head of Business – Americas

25 years Global Experience in physical commodities space with top-tier firms. Deep multi-disciplinary understanding of international trade, logistics, finance and corporate governance. Recent pivot to tech/blockchain to implement industry-needed solutions.


Global project manager for FACTA compliance at Standard Chartered for SME, Private Bank, process and systems change across 30+ countries



15 years of operational experience in digital & startups in Europe and Asia. Founder of Kejora Group, Co-founder and investor of more than 30 international companies, Co-founder of Ideabox incubator, Founding Investor of C88fintech and Qareer Group Asia.


Over 20 years’ expertise in running highly complex technology. Held senior roles at the Nasdaq, FTSE, the worlds largest Hedge Fund and as an MD/ED ran all trading systems globally at a variety of investment banks. Spent several years also in Silicon Valley as a COO/SVP.


ex-Managing Director, APAC Electronics and High Tech. Samsung SVP Global Enterprise Business of B2B Solution Center, Mobile Division and corporate Global B2B Center. Currently the Country Head for Cisco Koera.


ex-Siemens InfoComm Mobile Group. Grew Lync Group business from a single warehouse to a major provider in Jakarta to a group of companies. Part of Advisory team and roles including Group CEO and President Director of Linc Group.


Combina University PHD. Mathematics and Computer Science expert in a variety of fields. Key focus on education and application of key technologies in the disciplines of Computer Science.


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