Biggest Problems in Blockchain

What every Blockchain Project, Platform or Exchange needs to solve

QR Code WALLET 3.0

The SignKeys platform allows people to unlock and unleash the true potential of blockchain by already solving distribution to 1.5 Billion mobile devices securely, XR/AR (Extended Reality / Augmented Reality) and Artificial Intelligence to the masses.

Forget QR Codes and old 2D experience.  We all know QR is a fancy bar code.  Unfortunately, QR and associated platforms does not do much more than this.

Our revolutionary technology platform leverages your existing phone for XR/AR, Content, Advertising and transactions securely across 1.5Billion mobile devices. 

Flat 2D text retention is poor after several weeks.  We have evolved this experience where it has been proven that to interactive and immersive has a much higher engagement as well as product retention.  More importantly by combining our wallet product there is immediate call to transaction.

Crypto/Blockchain Wallet (We will insure* the asset you hold)

Keep your Crypto or Digital Assets unified with SignKeys backed up by insurance*.


Custody Solution (Exchanges or Any Blockchain Product/Project)

We believe mobile is and will continue to be the connected default platform.  Based on this philosophy we have focused and BUILT the next Generation of Digital (Hardware based) Vault + Transport on your existing mobile.  Our platform securely stores your digital assets including Blockchain/Crypto Private Keys on your mobile device.  By enabling this capability, we have treuly enabled a decentralized, connected suite of products and services that enable new business models to over 1.5Billion Mobile Devices.

With exchanges constantly getting hacked (whether this is inside or an external job) rather than having customer private keys on a hot wallet on the exchange, we believe in decentralizing the risk by having the private keys distributed.  Understand there are hardware-based solutions on USB keys on the market however, who these carries a USB key in their pockets.  Also, Chrome browser apps which is being phase out is on which many of these current solutions are based on.  What make this worst is you need to download and install different apps to transact different crypto currencies.

To address the problems, we have built a secure Blockchain/Crypto Wallet any blockchain platform or exchange can use to securely store any crypto currency on the market today based on Military Grade hardware certification FIPS 140-2.

What is more compelling is our business model is a WHITE LABEL solution, so you gain all the benefits of our platform under your own brand and market.


Key features of our B2B platform include:

  • Ability to securely sign Smart Contracts using Cryptographically secure Asymmetric Public Key Algorithms
  • Ability to facilitate and integrate O2O (Organisation to Organisation) transactions
  • Integrated Logical and Physical Access
  • Control, Store, Transfer credentials securely over mobile
  • KYC and ID control seamlessly on mobile
  • SignKeys Identity Server for auditing and user management
  • Incorruptible audit log


We have solved the blockchain platform play by first solving the user end point.  This truly enables blockchain and facilitate meaningful new interactions, interfaces and experiences for people and enterprises.




Our Revenue Models

  • Licensing
    • Proprietary software white labelled to accelerate adoption, scale and partnerships across industries and markets
  • Enterprise Products
    • We already have an exco-system established based on proven industry products that we also white label to help accelerate adoption for our partners across markets.
  • Content, Advertising and Transactions
    • We have next generation content distribution, experience and product placement that has XR/AR, Content, Advertising and Transactions securely across 1.5Billion mobile devices.
  • Consulting/Advisory
    • Consulting Services that ensure success for our customers adopting our platform, products or services.
  • Business Services
    • We will not just offer our products but will also help run, maintain and support your capability including your back office.
  • Commercial Application Development
    • We take the headache out of building new applications or product on top of our platform.

We are a team of game changers and change makers,
including leaders from Cyber Security, Blockchain, Financial
Services, and Telecos. We take our experiences from working at
some of the world’s leading companies, and deliver results from
strategy execution to product commercialisation.



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